How does one make nata de coco at home from scratch? Here’s a Philippine how-to from the 1980s.


1 coconut

1 cup glacial acetic acid or strong vinegar

4 cups sugar (refined)

40 cups water

10 cups mother liquor (available at Philcoa)

Grate coconut and squeeze out milk. Using 40 cups of water, strain the milk through a clean cheesecloth, add 4 cups of refined sugar, one cup glacial acetic acid and 1/3 g. of ammonium phosphate monobasic fertilizer (optional) to filtered coconut milk.

Inoculate the mixture by adding 10 cups of mother liquor (a vigorous strain of pure nata organism). Mix thoroughly and place mixture into small liter size, sterile container to level of 2 inches high, allowing high air space above the surface.

Cover with clean paper and secure with string or rubber band. Allow to stand undisturbed for 15 days to ferment mixture at normal room temperature of 28°C. After 15 days, you can do the harvest, but be sure not to contaminate the remaining liquor in the container as this liquid will be used as mother liquor for the next crop.


For every kilo of nata, use:

1 kilogram refined sugar
2 liters of water (8 cups)

Cut nata into cubes about 3/4 square. Boil to remove sour taste and to soften. Throw away water. Boil again, throw water. Boil 2 liters of water with 1 kilo of sugar then add nata cubes. Flavor with vanilla, langka, or other flavorings. Place in (close fitting) tight covered jars.

NOTE: Receptacle used should be sterilized.

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