5 c thinly sliced half-ripened mangoes

1/8 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. nutmeg

1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. grated lemon rind

1-1/2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 c sifted flour

2 tbsp. water
1 tbsp. sugar

1-1/4 tsp. baking powder
1 tbsp. cold shortening

3/4 tsp. salt

4-1/2 tbsp. milk

Mix mangoes with seasonings and water in 8 X 2-inch pan. Cover and·bake in hot oven for 20 minutes. Sift flour once, measure, add baking powder, sugar and salt, then sift again. Cut shortening, add to flour and cut in, using pastry blender or finger tips, until mixture is as fine as meal.’ Add milk all at once, stir carefully until all flour is dampened, then stir quickly and lightly until mixture forms a soft ball and follows spoon. Turn out on lightly floured board; knead gently 8 times, roll or pat out into 8-inch square. Carefully fit over mangoes in pan and cut slits to permit escape of steam. Bake in hot oven (450°F) 25 minutes. Makes 8 servings. (Canned apples may be used with no pre-cooking. Add other ingredients and place directly into pie shell).

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