Apple Adds Cream Cheese to Bagel Emoji After Complaints

The people tweeted and Apple listened. The tech giant debuted more than 70 new emojis for the developer and public beta channels – including several food-themed graphics – with the release of iOS 12.1 on October 2, but critics immediately took issue with how Apple chose to depict a bagel.

Per the original emoji release earlier this month, the plain bagel was shown without any butter or cream cheese, an apparent sticking point for breakfast lovers across the world. As one naysayer tweeted alongside a photo of the “naked” bagel at the time, “I’d like to report a hate crime.”

Even Philadelphia Cream Cheese weighed in on the controversy by “fixing” the bagel and tweeting, “Hey @Apple and @Unicode, Your new bagel emoji definitely needs an upgrade. Don’t worry, we’ve fixed it for you. You’re welcome.”

However, per a tweet from Jeremy Bruge, chief emoji officer at Emojipedia, Apple has now fixed its earlier mistake. “Responding to complaints, Apple’s bagel emoji has been updated in the latest iOS 12.1 beta,” Bruge tweeted on Monday, October 15, along with a split photo of the before and after bagels, the later of which is shown with cream cheese.

“More details. Are you happy now, New York?” Bruge added. “Apple’s old bagel design was totally fine to convey the concept of ‘bagel.’ There’s no doubt the new one looks more appetizing though.”

According to Emojipedia, bagels are more tricky to design than one would think. “Designs from major vendors until now had been split on whether to include a filling in the bagel or not,” the site explains. “Arguably, a bagel with cream cheese is a different item to simply a ‘bagel’, however as each emoji generally represents an entire class of objects, that’s unlikely to be an issue in practice.”

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