Alligator Dishes

Examples of dishes that feature alligator meat:

– Cajun Style Grilled Alligator with Comeback Sauce
– Picadinho de jacaré of Brazil

Brazilian cuisine varies from region to region and has been influenced by the Portuguese, Spanish, Africans, Italians, Germans and Japanese.

Examples of Homegrown Delicacies:

Picadinho de jacaré – A dish made with the meat of an alligator.
Caruru – Sun-dried meat, beans, goat and corn meal.
Feijoada – Simmered meat & beans.
Tutu de feijão – A paste of beans and mandioca flour.
Moqueca capixaba – Braised tomatoes and fish.
Mandioca – A type of sweet potato.
Yams – Also a type of sweet potato.
Peanuts, pineapples and passion fruit.

Almost all imports thrive in Brazil and are grown and used with great gusto locally.
Mangoes and guavas, papaya, oranges, hog plums.

Brazilian classics include

Chouriço – Spiced sausage.
Salgadinhos – A cheesy bread.
Pastéis – Crispy Brazilian Wontons (turnovers) stuffed with Heart of Palm. You can also vary the stuffing to include cooked, diced shrimp or chouriço if you prefer).
Cuscuz branco – A ground tapioca pudding.
Pinhão – Local pine nuts that grow in the Brazilian pines in the south of Brazil.

The Churassco
Brazil have their very own gauchos (cowboys) in the Pampa regions who, like their Argentinian brothers, enjoy a good barbecue, known locally as a churrasco. The difference lies chiefly in the fact that the meat is grilled on huge skewers.

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